~ Children's Room Expansion Project 2015 ~
Ground Breaking ~ 8 Sept 2015
Taking down the old shelving!
Roof work started ~ 10/15/15
New shelving installed on 12/9/15
Putting the books back ~ 12/10/15
December 18th 2015
The Annual Christmas Party
The expanded Children's Room was offically opened on December 18th 2015. The first event was the annual Library Christmas Party.  Don Kelly, Board President, greeted the audience 
and thanked all who helped make this project possible.
funding for this construction project was provided by the following:

Debbie & Ron Greene in memory of Anne & Seymour Greene
Linda & Sarah Cohen
The late Ed Diamond in memory of his wife Mary
The Community Foundation of Herkimer & Onieda Counties
State Senator Hugh Farley~ Bullet Aid Grant: 2014, 2015
& The New York State Education Department

Night Before 
Read by
Colin Criss