Presented by the Mountain Theatre Company at the 
Old Forge Library on the 23rd of October, 2009.

A Reader's Theatre Production of 
"Over The River and Through the Woods"
by Joe DiPeitro

photos by Albert W Worthen Jr
Over The River and Through The Woods
is performed by permission of Dramatist Play Services
Ladies and Gentlemen,  

"Over The River And Through The Woods" was absolutely fantastic!
 To say that you all worked VERY WELL together, is an understatement.

After the performance, I heard many comments from the audience like: 
 "This was one of the best they've done.",  "I really enjoyed it", and just a simple----> "Wow" (from an elderly gentleman sitting to my right, still in tears...) 

I had never been to a 'Reader's Theatre' performance before, so I really didn't know what to expect.  In some respects, it's BETTER than a full-blown stage production with sets, blocking, and all the rest that goes into a large stage performance.  
It's actually very interesting how the imagination and 'mind' starts to take over- from an audience member's perspective- while watching a 'reader's theatre' performance-- at least the one that I saw on Friday at the library.......  About 5 minutes into the production, I never saw anyone reading from a script anymore.... about, 10 minutes into it, I found myself sitting on a recliner in the living room of the grand parents home,..... by the end of Scene 2, I swear that I smelled the Veal (and Garlic)!!!!  

Ted and Edie, it was so nice having you both work with Mountain Theatre once again. You both are incredible. You and your talents have certainly been missed.
Lani and Jim, So... What's next?  You both get better and better each time I see you perform..  Jim, you had the tears running down my face, once again.
Alan and Steven. What can I say that I haven't already said.. Your dedication, hard work and commitment is second to none.  No one can do it better than you guys.
And, Kelly-- you light up the stage.  Hopefully we will see you in more Mountain Theatre productions.  Great job!

I'd also like to thank Izzy and Al Worthen for their tireless efforts at making Mountain Theatre look so good.   (Your support is GREATLY APPRECIATED, by everyone in our organization-- on stage and off..!)

Thank you all very much for keeping Mountain Theatre alive.  

 Bravo !!!

Jeff Craig